Warwick Lane Shopping Center

The History of Warwick Lane

Originally the business was a cake shop and at that time Dick Warwick’s grandfather was a traveling blacksmith in the area. Then around the turn of the century it became a hardware shop. The family have accounting ledgers for the business going back to 1894.

Since the very early days Warwick’s has always displayed a ‘shop front’ of hardware goods and ironmongery out on the Square. This photograph shows Dick Warwick’s father Reginald (on the left) with the ‘shop front’ as it was then. Notice the shop window is half the size it is now. A front door to the house with rooms above the shop above is on the left. This was later converted into a bigger shop window and the premises enlarged. These alterations were made before the strict regulations now imposed on grade 2 listed buildings.

Today the Ground Floor of Warwick Lane has up to 11 shops, many have Victorian themed shop fronts, whilst upstairs has shops, a coffee shop and open plan market stalls. The building echo’s the old market square.

We have a wide variety of shops of interest to all generations and all fresh to the Village.