Bush Radio

The 1960's iconic Bush radio was such a huge success at the time, that the design made a recent come back with a modern equivalent on the inside, but almost exactly the same on the outside. We just love how trends and fashion come in and go out, almost like the ebb and flow of … Continue reading Bush Radio

Working in the Market!

My  walk to work takes me through the Dairymoor, into Wickham Square. We never know who will walk in the door, although we now have a lot of 'regulars'. They visit us during the warmer months, sometimes daily. The cold tends to keep them away. However, yesterday they appeared, wrapped up warm in camel coats … Continue reading Working in the Market!

Babycham madam?

Probably not the drink of this period, although it still has its dedicated followers... Babycham was the post-war drink for the young fashionable lady. Until Babycham came along, there was few light or glamorous drinks, and none to speak of that was fashionable. Babycham was first served as Pear Perry (Pear Juice)around about the 1940's … Continue reading Babycham madam?

Speed traps and the Automobile Association!

I was surprised to read in the Automobile Associations website that the AA was formed initially to help motorists breaking the speed limit from getting caught! Although their official duties were 'Indicating dangers on the road and helping motorists who had broken down.' In 1905, Charles Jarrott, a successful racing driver, amongst other like minded … Continue reading Speed traps and the Automobile Association!