Are you the milky bar kid?

Warwick Market Antiques

As we stock a wide range of the weird and wonderful, this little gem stood out to me bringing back memories of the adverts on TV, where the kid with glasses was the sheriff, and fueled by a Milkybar, no one would stand in his way!

Milkybar is one of the UK and Ireland’s most popular brands, Launched in 1936, Milkybar is Nestle Confectionery’s 11th oldest brand.  The Milkybar kid first made a screen debut in 1961, and celebrated his 50th birthday in 2011. There have been several Milkybar Kids over the past 49 years, the first of which was played by Terry Brooks with the most recent kid played by William Ray.

This badge has been dated to 1963 and is plastic, but would make a great addition to any collector of vintage confectionary promotional items. It is Silver and probably had a gold outline around the circle to the points, but this has mostly worn off.

I have searched for this product, but they seem hard to come by.

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